Solar Hot Water...It's What We Do!

Sol-Heat installs quality Solar Water Heating systems at very affordable prices. The 3 sizes of solar geysers are 150 litres, 200 litres and 300 litres. These solar heating systems attract large ESKOM rebates and have copper absorber panels, which will last forever! The solar tanks are made to last with a ceramic coating and protection with a sacrificial anode.

Sol-Heat was started by Deon Louw as an extension to his other business activities, which also encompasses customer service, quality product and honest prices. The large rebates and the low prices make Chromagen the obvious economical choice!

If you have a family of:

  • 2-3 persons the 150L will be perfect.
  • 3-4 persons, then the 200L is your choice.
  • 4-6 persons then the 300L system is the correct choice.

ALL of the above will save you 80% of your hot water costs.

Do not undersize or oversize a system. It will either boil in summer and blow off hot water, or, it will not save you enough money to justify the installation!

Since its foundation in 1962, Chromagen has accumulated years of experience in harnessing the sun's unlimited energy for the purpose of heating water. In more than 35 countries worldwide, Chromagen is known for its ability to provide cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to energy requirements.

Planning Now for the Challenges Ahead

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Scientists who work with polar bears are already seeing the effects of human-caused global warming on some polar bear populations. So far these changes, while serious, have been gradual.

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Sol-Heat has donated a further $272.27 to Polar Bears International for sales of Solar Water Heaters for Feb 2011 to Apr 2012.
This brings our total donation up to $500!
We are proud to be associated with your organisation. We ruthlessly endeavour to reduce the Carbon footprint of our clients and in some small way help the Polar Bear!

ESKOM Rebates:
150L + 200L systems R5 332
300L system -  R8 964

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Cel: 083 270 6654

Reg. on ESKOM Solar programme
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Solar Energy:


Plight of the Polar Bear:
Every Chromagen installed we will donate R50

How to reduce your Carbon footprint:


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